At Glenbrook Spencer Academy we provide high quality teaching and learning for every child, making sure that no-one gets left behind.

We work together to ensure that our curriculum engages and excites learners and provides opportunities for deeper exploration. Where possible we engage children in planning the direction and style of their learning, instilling independence and a lasting positive attitude towards learning.

We plan creatively to ensure our content is rich and engages learners. We use pedagogical tools including hooks, missions and stimuli to engage and to create gateways into learning.

We are literacy and reading-focused, understanding that this creates the foundations for learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Each half term the learning is based around a quality text. All children are bought copies of the class book so that they can read at home, immerse themselves in fictional worlds, and begin to build their own library.

Please click here to find out more about the Glenbrook Reading Spine.

In other lessons we use a topic based approach which allows us to deliver the curriculum in an engaging way, and children to make the most of their learning.

Curriculum Values

  • Promote mutual respect and positive values, creating a culture where effort is valued;
  • Face new challenges through team work and leadership;
  • Learn and achieve in a supportive and creative environment;
  • Celebrate diversity and work in partnership with parents and the wider community.


Curriculum Commitments

The curriculum at Glenbrook Spencer Academy will…

  • Link to the National Curriculum;
  • Promote the highest standards of teaching and learning across all subjects;
  • Develop a wide range of skills and broaden children’s life experience;
  • Inspire, motivate and engage pupils, helping them to become resilient, co-operative and collaborative learners;
  • Develop children’s confidence, personal development and their capacity for self-directed learning.






Design Technology



Modern Foreign Languages