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Registering an enquiry

In the first instance, we ask parents and carers to speak to their class teacher, using the Class Dojo contact system if this is helpful. Alternatively, staff in the school office are able to arrange for a scheduled telephone call or meeting.

The contact form below routes to the school office.

Making a complaint

Under the Trust complaints policy, complaints should be received ‘as close as possible to the point of origin.’ This means that a complaint should be received by someone who understands your concern and is in a position to help resolve it.

In the first case, this might be an informal conversation with your child’s class teacher or another member of the school staff.

Formal complaints should be submitted to the Principal or Head of School, and should be in writing where possible. The contact form below can be used for this.

For the Trust complaints policy, please see here.


Printed information

If, as a parent or carer of a child, you would like to request a paper copy of any information published on the school website please contact the school office.

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